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Narrow-gauge railway

The landscape of Gocsej is famous of its forest railway that encompasses about the length of 109 km of the forests of Zala. It delivers significant amount of wood to Lenti and to the wood processing firms in Csömödér. By being connected to the MAV trains they also deliver timber to many different locations.

By taking the passenger trains most attractions / excursion places can be easily reached.

Starting out from Lenti you can enjoy the forests of Zajda, the pond in Csömödér, the spa in Bázakerettye and the pond of Kistolmacs is used for both swimming and angling.

The railway line is connected to many cycling and tourist pathways. So does the route called „Paul Rockenbauer Southern-Transdanubian Blue Tour” that runs between Szekszárd and Írottkõ and also passes through Bázakerettye.

The Oil Tour Route was named after Simon Papp who was the Managing Director of MAORT. Via this route you can visit the Chapel of Marok, the Castle of Szecsisziget, the hundreds year old church of Paka, the memorial of Professor Oveges, the botanical gardens of Budafa, the aquapark, that can be found in the neighbourhood of the forest railways in Lenti, consists of indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

At the final stop of the Forest Railway you can visit the exhibition called "Treasures of Göcsej, THE FOREST AND WOOD" that focuses forestry, sawmill and history of railways.

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