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Memorial to the victims of the First World War in the churchyard

Béla Pankotai Farkas finished his sculpture in 1929. It shows a dying Hungarian soldier whose sword is taken over by a young ardent fighter.


Memorial to 1848-49 in the park in front of Gönczi  Grammar School

It was dedicated on its new site, in front of the grammar school on March 15, 1988,  the 140th anniversary of the revolution and war of independence. Formerly, it stood in front of the old primary school but had to be moved due to roadworks. The smaller statues of the Arad martyrs stand in a semi-circle around the 1848-49 Memorial.


Memorial to the 26. János Bottyán Motor Artillery of the Hungarian Army  

These are three statues that once stood in the barracks. One of them, the statue of Bottyán the Blind, general of Ferenc II Rákóczi, has been moved elsewhere. The second is the statue of sergeant Péter Radics killed in action and who had previously saved a drowning soldier. The third one commemorates the ten tank-crew members who died in the railway accident in Herend. The guard of honour pays their respect in front of the memorial every year. 


World War II Memorial at the cemetery in Kossuth Street

The three 2-metre tall marble slabs standing in the memorial park were granted by the Gidos company, Lendva. The drawings of Károly Horváth were used by the sculptor, Ferenc Farkas from Bocfölde. It was dedicated on October 31, 1990 in the presence of the guard of honour. The top of the central column is decorated with a bronze relief whilst the two columns on the side list the names of all the people who died in the war.


Memorial to the young cadets taken prisoner in 1944-45

It stands at the cemetery in Kossuth Street. During World War II young Hungarian cadets were taken prisoners in Lenti and the surrounding area and were transported to Soviet and German labour camps. It is still not known where these people were buried. Succeeding generations paid homage by the monument erected in the old public cemetery.


Monument to Lenti for gaining the status of a town

The composition is made of tubes. A round metal plate „Lenti, 1980” commemorates the year when the place gained the status of a town. On the plate one can read the names of other places (Érd, Fehérgyarmat, Paks, Barcs, Berettyóújfalu, Celldömölk, Körmend, Vásárosnamény) which gained the same status at the same time.
Town inauguration monument in Church Square

This impressive stone monument by Sándor Rétfalvi was dedicated on November 2, 1987.


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